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Digital Cinema Camera

About us

Based out of Stuttgart, Germany, Denkpause Films is a film production and content creation company that specializes in creating original and engaging content for global online, broadcast and film audiences.

Denkpause Films aims to become a leading provider of high-quality content and film production services in Europe and beyond. We offer various services such as social media content, short films, music videos, documentaries, feature films, and series. Our company is dedicated to creating unique and compelling content that resonates with audiences across all platforms.


Our ultimate mission is to deliver thought-provoking and meaningful stories on relevant themes and ideas through engaging films to a diverse audience worldwide. At Denkpause Films, we aspire to create films that entertain, while simultaneously bringing to the fore socially pertinent themes. Our passion lies in exploring stories that delve into the human psyche and condition, which are often overlooked by mainstream media.


Additionally, we support businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in effectively sharing their message through compelling visual storytelling.



"Think in a blink."


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Stauffenbergstr. 17

73760 Ostfildern

Stuttgart, Germany

Cell: +49-15110675473

Tel: +49-711-39082464



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